Shamagaan Hotel | Damascus

shama gaan

welcome to shama gaan hotel in Old damascus!

The five star Shamaghaan Heritage Hotel is located in the heart of the old city of Damascus, surrounded by all religious, cultural, commercial and artistic activities.. The hotel opened on 3/7/2021.. Rooms vary in size from one to two people, a suite for three people, and a suite royal for four people.

welcome to shama gaan hotel in damascus!

Shamaghan Hotel is a Levantine heritage hotel that includes the most beautiful Levantine sittings with an ancient heritage design. It has three types of rooms and suites. There is a suite that accommodates three people, and there is a suite that accommodates five people. With room service, plus there are events that happen every once in a while.

who is shama gaan?

The Kingdom of Mari is the most famous ancient city in the ancient Near East, and its current location is known as “Tell Hariri” on the right bank of the Euphrates River, eleven kilometers northwest of the town of Albukamal, near the current Iraqi-Syrian border. Through an artificial canal to secure river navigation, its history stretched from 2900 BC to about 1759 BC. It was an important trading station in the region. Mari witnessed an era of growth, prosperity and progress between 2350 - 2284 BC. King Echo Shamaghan was its most prominent ruler and king, who established For this prosperity, where Mari controlled large areas commercially and politically.